Be My Guest! – An Experiment in Blogging

I’m going back to Indonesia early next week for an adventurous trek into a UPG. As you may remember last time I went to Indonesia I did a series called, “He Who Sees” where I talked about those who have influenced me over the course of my life.

This time, something new… Inspired by my friend Chris Rhodenhizer “guest blogging on Jonathan Falwell’s Innovate Church blog. I have invited 14 people to be guest bloggers. There blogs will post, one a day, for the time that I will be in Indonesia. The guests were asked to write in response to one of the questions below.

  • What would you say to president elect Obama if you were invited to advise him on spiritual matters in the oval office?
  • What are your three main concerns with the current methodology of church ministry and or church planting?
  • What age and experience are necessary for a young man who’s aspiration is to plant churches and is it acceptable for him to stay single if he is qualified in other areas?
  • What is the primary purpose of the Sunday worship service? Is it for believers or more for the seeker?
  • What is your favorite experience with Clint?
  • If the government were to decide to do away with three local, state or national tax funded organizations which ones should go and why?
  • What is your opinion about church’s that use signs such as “God Answers Knee Mail” or “Sign Broke… Message Inside”?
  • If you don’t believe Christians should use birth control please write a defense of your position.
  • What do you think about pastor Ed Young jr’s seven day sex challenge?

The great thing about this is that I will be deep in the bush while these posts are being made and won’t have the opportunity to see them until I return!


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    becky castle says

    thats awesome! i cant wait to read them all! i hope that each of them get answered cause i cant wait to read the responses!

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