Be My Guest: Colby Garman

My name is Colby Garman and you can read my multi-purpose blog over at
getagarman.blogspot.com. I watched some footage this past week of some of
the media attention that Fellowship Church received for their 7 day sex
and thought I would try to work out some of my inner reasons for
never wanting to do anything like this. Some of them may be noble and some
of them may be ignoble, but I’ll let you decide whether any of my reasons
are informed by Biblical principle or not..

1. In our culture where sex is often worshipped and at the very least it is
exalted to a higher place than it deserves in the overall importance of love
and marriage I would fear the possibility of sending the wrong message to my
congregation about its exalted importance. Don’t get me wrong sex is a good
thing ordained by God, but it is not nearly as important as our culture
would have us think.

2. I would be concerned about unduly marginalizing the widows/widowers,
disabled, single, and divorced believers in my congregation with a challenge
for our church that they can not participate in.

3. I would be concerned that my motivations for such a challenge may be more
rooted in adapting to our sex-addicted culture, rather than simply
addressing the Bible’s teaching on sexuality.

4. I would be concerned about advertising such a challenge to the general
public as a motivation for joining us for the series.

I am certainly not opposed to addressing sexuality and how it is addressed
in scripture. It is entirely appropriate and we should not shrink away from
teaching on anything that scripture addresses. The question that I think we
need to keep before is in the how of addressing issues of sexuality in the
body. As I said earlier, our culture trivializes the sacred beauty of God’s
gift of sexuality and I think we need to be careful to address it in a
manner that restores it as a sacred part of the marriage covenant. I think
that a seven day sex challenge runs the danger of failing to accomplish this


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    Dan says

    “I would be concerned about unduly marginalizing the widows/widowers, disabled, single, and divorced believers in my congregation with a challenge for our church that they can not participate in.”

    Bingo, Colby. These 40/30/7 day sex challenges are so old and faddish. How about a 7 day challenge for men to come home early and wrestle with the kids? Or do the dishes every night? Or cuddle with their wives without expecting anything more?

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    Jason says

    I saw the seven days of sex on CNN.com. The author of the article describing interesting sermon study came at the issue with a “you won’t believe what those crazy Christians are up to this time” attitude. If the goal was to make national headlines then success.

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    Colby says

    I told my wife that I guessed that this was not an idea that was generated by a woman. If it was, we would not be reading about it because it would be the 7 day cuddle with no sexual pressure challenge or the 7 days of romantic love notes challenge, or the seven days of cleaning up the dishes, putting the kids to bed early while I take a bath, come to bed early to give me a back-rub challenge.

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    Dan says

    It’s almost like a sexualized version of the prosperity gospel. “God wants you to have amazing sex! If you’ll just have sex for ____ many days your marriage will be great!”

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    mikescott92 says

    I watched the video footage of Ed Young on CNN and felt he did not clearly present what I think we all know the purpose of this campaign was. The Challenge is good in theory; but I would have been more inclined to call it 7 Day of Intimacy and let people go from there with it. We can all have an intimate relationship with our spouses and also with God. We don’t have sex with Him.

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    Wolf52 says

    And he was free to send his own set of questions. ,

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    Alex52 says

    The intellectual and cognitive abilities of the student are strengthened, but other facets like interpersonal skills, sensitivity, and initiative, are more or less ignored. ,

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