Be My Guest: Brian Metz

My name is Brian Metz and if you want to read the very much in need of updating blog of mine, you may find it at “Theophilus“.  As much as I desired to write about some of the issues that Clint had proposed for us, I could not pass up an opportunity to write about the man himself.

Kimberly and I began our courtship and eventual marriage in the same governmental brick apartments as the beloved Clifton clan. While Kimberly has had many “fun” Clint experiences, such as getting in trouble with his bride, Jennifer, for playing in the mud during a Panhandle afternoon rain, there were times when we had shared Clint experiences in their apartment as we watched Survivor and CSI, while eating off of the “Special Day” plate.  An experience that I would not qualify as my favorite Clint experience was when he decided to hold down our little Festiva’s horn on the drive from Dothan to Graceville. Yeah thirty-four minutes of “beep”! Clint has always been pushing buttons with me; however it has always been in good ways. Clint has challenged me  to follow hard after Jesus, ever since I met him. He is responsible for introducing me to John Piper (thank you, Clint). He planted big dreams in my head and always called me to go past what I thought I could accomplish (one day there will be a silver camper and “Homegrown” events).

My favorite experience with Clint however was when he set up and filmed our engagement. He had told me how he had proposed to Jennifer and how it was such a coordinated effort with his friends. He and I cooked up a way to surprise Kimberly on her birthday. He would set up our dinner in the park we were planning to be our wedding spot (we knew we were getting married before we were engaged). Clint rendezvoused with our friends Neil and Tim. They were to set up the dinner on the boardwalk over-looking the Bay in Panama City and secretly capture every moment on film . There was a snag however! There was a wedding taking place on the same spot. Kimberly and I were to walk down the boardwalk and happen upon the meal.  They moved the location and I needed to bide time. We could not communicate with each other (no iphones then). It was getting late.  So, when we walked in the park and we noticed the table but Kimberly thought it was for the wedding party. I insisted that we investigate. He had set it up perfectly with a note with her name and candles. She was surprised and wondered how I pulled it off. Little did she know Dirty Clint was in the bushes filming our every move. During the dinner he had a lady carry his camera (with it on and recording) to pay us a visit, and a salty man on a bike delivered a birthday gift for her.

Clint and Neil disguised themselves so that they could make it to his car and get to her parents house (Neil had long hair at the time so he played the girl). After we had arrived at her parents with the news of our engagement and for more birthday surprises, Clint showed up with the film of the whole engagement evening! From the ordering of food (his and ours) to the long wait because of the wedding location, to the asking of accomplices to deliver the camera and the gift, to the bending of the knee and the long winded-ness of the proposing preacher, he delivered the most surprising video that we have ever witnessed. Kimberly was all smiles and we cherish the memories of having Clint film Neil, Tim and himself on the ground in the ant-infested bushes. Clint goes all out in everything that he does and for that experience he went above and beyond for us.


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    Jon D. says

    Yep, that sounds like Clint…creatively fun and annoying at the same time. 🙂

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