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Be My Guest: Abaddon of Sheol

I was a little surprised when I got the invitation to be a guest on Clint’s blog. Don’t get me wrong, Clint and I go way back…in fact you might say that I put the dirty in, “Dirty clint”. We have a pretty elaborate history together but were not exactly on the best of terms for the past few years.

Clint would tell you that I’m not really one to play by the rules so in like fashion I’m going to answer more than one of his questions.

  1. What are your three main concerns with the current methodology of church ministry and or church planting? I really don’t have any concerns with the current methodology of church ministry. I think that can drives, committee meetings and “improve your life” sermons are the very thing the church needs more of. The church planting thing does bother me a bit. Why are we planting all those churches anyway, don’t we have enough? The way I see it is most of the church buildings we have are empty! Why on earth would we start a new church in a school when just down the street there is an old one virtually empty? The new churches seem to be overly concerned about irreligious people and not concerned enough with politics, denominationalism, and maintaining the current ministries and methods that our spiritual forefathers laid out for us.
  2. What is the primary purpose of the Sunday worship service? Is it for believers or more for the seeker? Sunday morning is for people… Therefore we should do and say only what makes people happy. It’s church for goodness sake if you can’t leave there smiling where can you?  
  3. What is your favorite experience with Clint? I’d love to tell you about my favorite experience with Clint but it would likely cause you to stop reading his blog so I’ll stick to the other questions.
  4. What is your opinion about church’s that use signs such as “God Answers Knee Mail” or “Sign Broke… Message Inside”?  This is one of the most effective ministries I have ever seen! Secular people who see those signs are really drawn in to the heart of God. I mean imagine it you are a sinner who has just committed adultery… Your driving home, you know it was wrong and you are wrestling with your decision… Just then you see it, “Are you hot? Church is Prayer-Conditioned” – Man what a blessing.
  5. What do you think about pastor Ed Young Jr’s seven day sex challenge? I like it… I think thousands of marriages will be saved. 

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