Be My Guest: Amanda Long

Hello, my name is Amanda Long.  my nuclear family consists of my amazingly good-looking and godly husband, Tim; my son, Isaac, and a daughter in utero, yet to be named.  I have known OF Clint for about a decade, but met the legend at a wedding about 4 years ago.  I serve as the worship leader at Pillar.

I recall a conversation with Clint where it was revealed that most of his conversations are, in one way or another, iterations of conversations he’s had previously.  So, every once in a while, I think to try and throw him a seemingly original thought.  The most recent attempt is posted below, to which he had no response:

According to God, I wonder what percentage of our theology is correct at any given time?

I then thought to substitute the word “correct” with “complete”.  Comments welcome.


Grace and peace to you.



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    Joel says

    That’s an interesting point to make. Being that herminutics have everything to do with how you interpret the Bible there’s no telling how right or wrong some of us (all of us perhaps) may be.

    I used to view the bible as the NT only really applies.

    Then I had a change (dumb years) where I thought that only the things that Paul wrote directly applied.

    Now I see it as a whole. The NT seems to be much of a commentary of the OT.

    I could be wrong—that’s scary!

    I am and “aint” looking forward to see where the “cards lay” when with Christ one day. (Honesty, I can’t wait to find out!!!!)

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    Joel says

    Krap! I meant to go back and spell “hermeneutics” correctly-sorry. I write first then fix last.

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    dave says

    I wonder what percentage of our theology is being applied correctly at any given time?

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    annie Garman says

    That’s too funny…I have had the same thought roaming around inside my head lately. Only I was not able to articulate it so well. Come on, Clint…take a stab at it.

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