Be My Guest: Dagny Gudmundsdottir

My name is Dagny Gudmundsdottir and I believe I am the only “foreigner” on Clint’s guest blogging list. Which I think is pretty cool… you can read my random blog over here.  

The 7 day sex challenge topic caught my eye on Clint’s list because the day before he sent out the email asking us guest bloggers to participate, the story of that challenge made it on to mbl.is which is an Icelandic newspaper website.

Now it is extremely rare that church related things aside from things concerning the Icelandic state church, make headlines over here.

Another reason I want to comment on this is because I would not have been able to participate in said challenge since I am single. So I would have had to settle for chocolate cake… yay!

So why did that challenge make it to a news website in Iceland?

I used to go to Hillsong Church in Australia and they had several sermon series that were amazing and could really impact peoples lives yet to the best of my knowledge none of them ever made any news headlines. A church in Reykjavik decided to go through 40 days of purpose – perhaps not as exciting as a sex challenge but I’m sure a lot of people learned from it though and again it made no headlines.

So what does that say about the sex challenge? The news headline here was “Have more sex!” it was in the top 5 most read stories for about 3 days I think.

I’ve heard Ed Young speak and he’s a very good speaker. But this challenge seems to be more of a publicity stunt rather than a healthy challenge for the church. Cause the whole church can’t even participate. I read a snippet of an interview Ed did after the challenge where he mentioned that sometime during those 7 days he was so exhausted that he couldn’t even go through with the challenge and told his wife, “We’ll double up tomorrow.” I can’t really see how that helps the intimacy since that was supposed to be the purpose, get more intimate. If he himself was too tired to talk to his wife, let alone have sex, how does that make them more intimate.

Also the challenge was said to be for the whole church but like Colby mentioned in his post, the single, widowed, disabled, divorced etc could not participate. I don’t think it would have been “fun” for them having to listen to several sermons on that topic in that context. Also what about people that are perhaps struggling with lust or purity in general – somehow I don’t see this challenge as being helpful to the whole church. Though I’m sure some married people benefitted from it.

People can blog about a news story on mbl and there were quite a few associated with that story. So being the curious person that I am, I read all of them and one really caught my attention. It was really short and to the point and I laughed so hard. It was a man writing and he said this,  “Is this guy insane?! I hope my wife doesn’t see this. I have better things to do with my time.” 

Aside from the initial shock that a guy would write that, (cause according to the stereotype, all men love sex and want it all the time.) it is funny at first. But if you think about it there is perhaps a deeper issue behind that statement.  An intimacy issue and obviously from that statement, sex is not going to help in solving that issue. But this is of course just my assumption, I have no idea if that guy has intimacy issues with his wife or not.

So my conclusion – a sex challenge might be better for a husband & wife to decide for them. A relationship challenge on the other hand might be better for the church, a challenge for every kind of relationship, friendships, between siblings & other family members etc. I think that is something that could be very beneficial and seriously challenging!

Sorry it’s so long… Dagny


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    Colby says

    Dagny for President!

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    Dagný says

    Haha… thank you??

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