Be My Guest: Chris Rhodenhizer

What an honor, to be writing for the esteemed and honorable Cliff Clinton, oops, I mean Clint Clifton, HA! My name is Chris Rhodenhizer, my friends call me Rhody – you can check out my blog, if you want, imagine this…


Allow me to attempt to answer all of the questions, very briefly, that Clint posed to those of us guest blogging – here it goes:


1] What would you say to president elect Obama if you were invited to advise

          him on spiritual matters in the oval office?


        Follow Jesus, repent, believe, allow the WORD of God to guide you!


2] What are your three main concerns with the current methodology of church

          ministry and or church planting.


Just one concern, we [church planters] continually say we are missional, but continually work hard at being attractional!


3] What age and experience are necessary for a young man who’s aspiration is

          to plant churches and is it acceptable for him to stay single if he is

          qualified in other areas?


Age does not matter, experience should be his primary education and that educational experience should come from another seasoned pastor. I think that Paul – Timothy thing worked pretty good for training young pastors… Us pastors should try using that method sometime!!! YES, he can stay single.


4] What is the primary purpose of the Sunday worship service? Is it for believers

          or more for the seeker?


Does anyone “seek” God??? Well that’s another whole blog of its own. I believe, from, Scripture, that we gather the church, only worshippers can worship, BUT we should take evangelistic opportunities at our gatherings. We move our church to mission by proclaiming Scripture boldly at our Sunday gatherings, and because Scripture is proclaimed, it will do its work in the hearts of non-believers, moving them to belief!


5] What is your favorite experience with Clint?


When he preached “She’s Been Barren” at the church I pastor, Image Church.

Also, trying to convince him that I don’t have to be part of the SBC to go to heaven!!!



6] If the government were to decide to do away with three local, state or national tax funded organizations which ones should go and why?


I have no idea, this question is way above my intellect to answer.


7] What is your opinion about church’s that use signs such as “God Answers

          Knee Mail” or “Sign Broke… Message Inside”?


If I answer this one I am going to sound real mean, so I will just say this…

   “And they will know us by our signs”


8] If you don’t believe Christians should use birth control please write a defense

          of your position.

DUDE, I have four kids, I lost control a long time ago!!!


9] What do you think about Ed Young Jr’s seven day sex challenge? 


I believe Ed Young loves Jesus, but likes media attention too!


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