The Loloan of Bali

There are more than 17,000 unreached people groups in the world today. These groups sometimes represent a few thousand people and some of the groups number in the multi-millions. So Jesus comes to the world and he wants to save everyone… He lives, dies, raises again and before he goes back to heaven he tells his followers (us) to take the gospel to each of these groups. dsc_4747

We (the church) have responded to Jesus’ command with a rather peculiar answer. Jesus said Go… we decided that going wasn’t really very practical… think about it… we have jobs, houses, families, friends. We just cant go.

So we decided to divorce ourselves from the actual command but agreed that we deserved to pay alimony. So every month we send a check to an office… half of it goes to buy pencils, print magazines and put on church growth events, another half is sent to another office where half of the half  is used to buy more pencils then at the end of the line, the cash that’s left over pays a missionary who I have never met to go to a place that I have never heard of.

I am being overly simple and unnecessarily critical of a system that I am an advocate for to make my point… The great commission was given to the church. Cooperative mission giving is good… but we have to engage in missions too. Just as an alimony check does not make you a good husband our check’s will not make us good followers of Jesus.

So this year our church decided it would be best for us to choose one of these groups and do our very best to obey Jesus’ command to bring to teach and baptize them. We chose a group that lives about as far away as you can get from Dumfies VA.

The name of the group is Loloan. They are the single Islamic Group on the Island of bali. They are surrounded by 4 million Balinese (anothe UPG) animistic Hindu’s yet have preserved there Islamic faith. Below you will find the link to a summary of our first exploratory trip. I encourage you to read it. This week I will post more about the Loloan and tell you more about my trip. For those of you who live in FLA I will be speaking at Peniel Bapist Church on Sunday Morning the 28th of December about the Loloan.



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    Jamie Limato says

    Glad you made it back alright. Gotta find some time to come hang out with you. by the way…the video-blog is not even as “good” as Jeff Ginn’s. CLINT CLIFTON FOR OFFICE! I Got A motion on the floor in the works for next year. Love you bro!

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