Is It Pastor Appriciation Month?

Wow… Just got an email that one of the families in our church  bought my whole family tickets to the Monster Jam truck rally. It’s the real deal at the Verizon Center! That’s a pretty unique way to tell your pastor you love him! But I definitely got the message!

Check out Monster Jam

Buy Monster Jam Tickets

UPDATE: A reader, Becky Porter, sent me THIS ARTICLE tonight. Please pray the family of a 6 year old boy who was killed at the monster jam tonight.


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    Kacey Toole says

    We are going, too. Our tickets are for Saturday afternoon. And you guys?

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    Jamie Limato says

    That is awesome! You have to buy a “Gravedigger” t-shirt or a “Bigfoot” t-shirt and take a picture in it. That would be freakin’ awesome! Oh… I’m sorry…I just said freakin’ on your blog. That is freakin’ jacked up! have fun! I Love you man and I consider you one of my pastors!

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    Michael says

    That’s cool man! Seriously, find some cheap ear plugs for the kids because those events can be painful for little ones!

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    clintclifton says

    Good advice… thanks Mike!

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    clintclifton says

    Ya… we are going on Saturday afternoon. Planning also to hit the pit party!

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