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I Have No Words!?!?

card1bigThe Post-Rapture Post is a website that lets you send cards to your friends and family members who are left behind during the rapture of the church. The creators of the website are atheists so, in the event that the rapture actually occurs, they agree to send a card on your behalf. Particularly sad is the FAQ page on their website. Here are a few of the products that you can purchase on the site.

  • “Chin Up” Card — Tells a friend or loved one who has been left behind to keep their head held high during the end times.
  • “Told You So” Card — What most Christians would really want to say when their fantasies are vindicated.
  • Damned Soul Card — A simple reminder of what happens to those who, either through sinful living or apathy, reject God’s laws.
  • hand-scribed message (!) on medieval style parchment sheets, and rolled and wrapped with a fine Italian ribbon.

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