Were You Born in a Barn?

open-doorAt Pillar Church we have a bit of a back door issue. What I mean is, the vast majority of those who visit Pillar Church never return. For example, in 2008 we only retained around 20% of those who visited. This is up slightly from 15% in 2007. In an attempt to close the door we have created a good follow up system, improved our Sunday morning environment, enhanced our childrens ministry and started a youth group. We got better coffee and placed smiling greeters at the door. Still, our back door is standing open.

I have created an anonymous survey that is emailed to those who attended only once then didn’t return for a month. Hopefully this will help us to understand why our door is floppin’ in the wind. Take a look at it and feel free to comment your thoughts. I ask that you refrain from actually taking the survey (unless you are one of the people who visited and chose not to return) this will help us keep our results pure.

Pillar Church Exit Survey


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    aletheiaodu says

    Survey looks good. I would make question 3 made and couple of questions. Maybe 1 about environment, 1 about “friendliness”, etc. This might make is not so cumbersome. love you bro and I am praying for you.

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    aletheiaodu says

    My mom asked me the “were you born in a barn” question one time and my response to her was…what is wrong with that…Jesus was born in a barn. She slapped my face!!!

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    Joel says

    I would be curious to know why those people visited. Were they invited by a friend, church leader, or just saw some info and decided to try it.

    Another question is: is stickablility something tangable?

    Everything we do should be to the best of our ability. Whether it music or whatever it is it should be top notch. Choosing and creating an environment that you think people would feel natural/comfortable in is a very obvious “business” kind of thing to do-it’s a positive (of course being confronted with the Gospel and Truth is a very unpleasent thing and rightfully so!)

    Being “missional” minded, to me, means finding out the culture, embracing the culture, then when you’ve got their attention preaching the Gospel to them.

    Does stickability come from the leaders or from an excited congregation or both?

    Is it from a lot of prayer, or just preaching meaty doctrine?

    …blah blah

    I say all this to ask the above question: “How do you create stickability? Is it something tangable?”

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    Cynthia Shaw says

    As this is a great idea, because there is always room for improving and Lord willing He will show us where we can improve. Let us be thankful and faithful in serving Jesus know matter what. At least our door is open and not locked. Praise be to God!

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