Iceland Project Update

garman-family-aaron-bray-color-008Two years ago this time Jennifer and I were returning home from our adventure in Iceland. We went there to encourage Icelandic nationals to plant new churches. We lived in Reykjavik for four months and had one of the greatest adventures of our life.

This week, after nearly five years of preparation, training, praying and sort term trips our  treasured friends the Garmans arrive in Iceland as full time missionaries. The Garmans join the scores of great men and women that throughout church history  who have acted upon their belief that the Gospel is is infinitely more valuable than the American dream.

This tiny nation is drastically different  than it was when we left two years ago. The economy has collapsed, the unemployment rate is through the roof and population of this tiny nation is desperate for a glimpse of light. I can’t wait to see what God has in store!

Colby, Annie, Haley and Darcy, thank you!

below is one of six update videos that I made in 2006 during our 4 month stay.


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    Jason says

    Our Iceland trip to visit the Clifton’s for Thanksgiving was an incredible time. We are planning on taking a group from Stafford Baptist early this summer.

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    Becky says

    AHHH!!!! that sounds so exciting jason!!!

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