The Law of Seven Touches

Visitor LetterSo I’m reading a book for school that taught about the Law of Seven Touches.. The book states, “the church that contacts the most people, the most times will have the most growth”… This sounds like marketing 101 to me and makes me want to run for the hills… However, we are having the “back door” problem I mentioned a few posts ago. So, I have decided to take the advice of my evangelism professor and implement the Law of seven touches and see how it goes.

Touch #1- Advertisement or personal invitation to church (Before Sunday)
Touch #2- First Time Guests Booklet given at Church (Sunday)
Touch #3- Follow Up Form Letter from the Pastor delivered to home. (Sent Monday) (attached for your review’s and suggestions)
Touch #4- Bread Delivery (Mid-week)
Touch #5- Weekly Church Email (Thursday)
Touch #6- Phone call from the Pastor (Thursday)
Touch #7- Postcard to the home saying – Hope to see you back this Sunday (Sent Wednesday to arrive Friday)

Click on the pic to see a draft of our visitor letter. Feedback welcome!


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    Heath says

    Great concept. Do you think it might be to much contact for one week. It might weird some people out. Just sayin…

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    Kevin D. says

    fyi on spelling – might want to change “studding” to “studying”, unless this is something new and relevant for church growth I’m not familiar with, and not sure I’d want to be. and, fix “Because of this we do what we can to respectfully study…”

    I think these are some good examples of activities the church can be involved in to make that extra connection with visitors; but I also get the urge to run when I read statements like the one you quoted.

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    Bobby O says

    As far as the letter goes, a few spelling and grammatical corrections and it will be ready for print! I like the flow and think that it is friendly and inviting. nice job.

    It doesn’t seem that these “touches” would do any harm. In fact, I think they can only help. Plus, its cool to know that I play a major role on Thursdays!!

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    clintclifton says

    Thanks for your comments.. the version I posted had not yet been edited. It has been now.. thanks for the feedback.

    sllpenigs not taht ipmonatrt to me

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    Unactisknette says

    Awesome, I didn’t heard about this topic until now. Thanks!

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    Everett Shaw says

    Good idea. The truth is that most successful marketing techniques today are scriptural prinicples stripped of the Holy Spirit and aimed at the pocketbook. Jesus said he came to “SEEK…the lost.” And I see nothing wrong with planned intentional actions that are energized with the Holy Spirit thru prayer to Seek a lost individual for Christ.

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