The Golden Girls

A Valentines Day Tribute to the Five Most Important Women In My Life

the-golden-girlsI have only genuinely loved five women in my life. The first is my mother who though she has been physically handicapped for my entire life has modeled selfless love to me. My earliest memories include her cleaning my room and packing my lunch from a walker or wheelchair. Once when I was young I got into a fight with a classmate as I was walking home from school. My mother was driving by and, when she noticed her son being pummeled, she pulled over and to defend me against my prepubescent adversary. There was not a success or failure in my formative years that she did not experience as personally as I did.
The second and third, are my sisters who with the exception of normal sibling rivalries have consistently loved and protected me as their little brother. My oldest sister, Shawn, has always inspired me to the extent that my passions and pursuits are an obvious shadow of hers from childhood to present. Then Melissa, my second sister, although nothing like me, is an easy target for my affection because of her caring and sensitive nature.
My tiny daughter Ruthe is the most recent addition to my catalogue. Only four years old she is a perfect forgery of her mother and posses every characteristic required to dissolve my maturity utter silliness.
My final lover, and by far the most unexpected of the quintuplets, was a childhood friend, Jennifer. Jennifer’s charm and character made her an unlikely match for me, nevertheless, as children we befriended, later dated and eventually married. I have known Jennifer for approximately the same amount of time that I have been able to tie my shoes yet she is new to me every day. She has that rare magic that some women have that makes ever man fell like a king just by being around her. Every moment of mature love I have ever experienced has held Jennifer as the object.


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