Who's Kingdom Will Grow?

p10102091About a year ago Image Church relocated about a mile away from our current meeting location.. Now.. I know some pastors have a tendency to get bent out of shape about stuff like that but we have been really excited to see another church move into the community.

I remember about 8 years ago when I went into a community to start a new church. I set up a meeting with a local pastor to explain that God had called me there to join him in reaching his community with the Gospel of Christ. The guy was borderline hostile! He tried everything he could to convince us that we had missed God’s call and encourage us to go to another community!?! It was obvious that this guy was not interested in the growth the Kingdom of God in his community but was very interested in the Growth of his kingdom… He saw a new church as a threat to the “Success” of his church. I suppose this action grieves the heart of God.

The more I get to know Image Church and their pastor, Chris Rhodenhizer, The more thankful I am that God sent them to Dumfries. This week Chris came to Pillar, met some of the people that make up Pillar Church and shared from God’s Word. He did a great job and compelled us all to Listen closely to God.


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    chrisrhodenhizer says

    Hey bro I loved gathering with you all!!!

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