Easter Promo


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    Bobby O says

    This looks really good man.

    There is one thing, though: I thought the cross was reserved for the worst of anyone BUT Roman criminals. I could be mistaken, of course. Am I wrong?

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    Dagný says

    I like the artwork!

    Though the wooden frame on the back stands out a bit too much… as in maybe change the blending mode a bit on it?? :p

    Who does your artwork?

    but it looks great and I’d definitely pick it up and find out more about it hehe …

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    J. D. says

    Dude, you are seriously gifted. The design looks awesome.

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    clintclifton says

    Ah… My theologically astute pupil… Bobby, I have also heard that the Romans never crucified their own but in my research I found that this is not true… Here are two quotes:

    The US national library of medicine says, “The Romans perfected crucifixion for 500 years until it was abolished by Constantine I in the 4th century AD. Crucifixion in Roman times was applied mostly to slaves, disgraced soldiers, Christians and foreigners–only very rarely to Roman citizens.” (The history and pathology of crucifixion. Retief FP, Cilliers L.)

    With that said though… i think I am going to remove the word “Roman” because it is not really necessary to convey my thought.

    I know this is not exactly the most scholarly answer but the Wikipedia article on crucifixion also confirms this by stating, “Condemned Roman citizens were usually exempt from crucifixion (like feudal nobles from hanging, dying more honorably by decapitation) except for major crimes against the state, such as high treason.”

    Anyway… Another myth busted. Thanks for paying close attention Bobby!

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    clintclifton says

    The wooden frame is the spot where we will write the address of the recipient… Thanks for the feed back.. I will tone it down before printing! I love international input!

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    Bobby O says

    this is why i am your pupil.

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