Shooting Ourselves In the Foot

shooting-yourself-in-the-footI’m doing everything I can to stick with the SBC. I want it to survive. I believe it can be valuable. I am proud of the fact that we fought off the liberals in the 80’s. I believe our best days are ahead of us.. but man..

My buddies who abandoned SBC long ago are saying, “Told you so”

A few months ago Ed Stetzer told us that everything is going down the tubes (HERE)

Then uninformed garbage like THIS keeps flowing off of the baptist press.

And it seems that while every other preacher in America is giving away it’s media we are finding more and more ways to CHARGE people to hear our sermons.

I hope we are able to pull things together.


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    Kevin D. says

    Clint: I think you and others like you are doing the right thing in remaining patient with the current SBC climate. We should not rush to pull away from something that has historically had the ability to unite and unify efforts to build and edify leaders in the denomination – i.e. churches and pastors. What you reference is truly cause for frustration, but I’m encouraged by what is clearly a resurgence that the SBC is listening to – I think. If the time comes that one must pull away, I hope it is with the understanding that what remains cannot be recovered unless serious change occurs; we should also consider where our hearts are if our only response to others who remain is “I told you so”.

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    Michael says

    For about a year now I’ve been out of the SBC and pastoring a non-denominational church. I didn’t leave because I was mad, although I was becoming increasingly concerned and beginning to feel disenfranchised. I left because this door opened and it was what I was supposed to do. It took several months to see it, but I feel quite a bit of freedom now that I’m on the outside. I’ll always feel a connection to the SBC, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

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    aletheiaodu says

    Very much needed post! Keep being a voice for this! People plain and simply need to get off Driscol’s back. They have never met him or had a discussion with him. He is doing more to help them then they even realize. It’s time for the “old guard” to help usher in the “new resurgence” and if they don’t…I am not so sure that all of the young leaders will be as patient as you have been. Thank you for your example and friendship.

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    Mike says

    Driscoll is not a spit polish guy for those who know of him. Most people mentioned in the article are from a different culture and or generation. Hopefully guys like yourself involved in the SBC or SBCV will be the next generation of leaders that make the changes needed. Oh yeah and by the way I TOLD YOU SO!

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