No Water at the Well

slide1I was disturbed yesterday. I was driving down the highway, on my way to work (keep in mind that I am a pastor) when I noticed that my car was overheating. By the time I noticed the needle was deep into the red… I turned into the nearest driveway off of the highway to find that I was in the parking lot of a Lutheran Church. Ahhh… relief sweeps over by body… The great reformer will help me! I popped the hood and realized that the coolant was very low.

I went to the door of the church office believing naively that those behind the locked steel door would be eager to help one in distress. Perhaps they would use the opportunity to read John Chapter 4 to me and explain my need for living water. A man came to the door, presumably the pastor. He cracked the door enough to speak and said, “can I help you?” “Yes sir… my car overheated and I could use some water to refill my radiator reservoir.” (a moments pause) “We don’t have any water” said the clergyman –  “Really??? I asked, (a bit shocked by his reply) you don’t have a spicket around the building?” He looked inside to a woman, presumably his secretary and asked. “Do we have any water for this man, his car has broken down.” as if rehearsed, The secretary confirmed the existence of absolutely no water source in the entire facility. With a look of forced sincerity the man said, “Sorry sir, we cant help you” then he latched the door.

I think that perhaps we should start a fund for this church… All those toilets with no water, all those water fountans, dry… The massive red brick structure deprived of hydration. The poor employees and children of the preschool that was holding classes just beyond my grey metal barrier.


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    Jonathan Davis says

    Maybe you can talk to Jamie about installing a Well. Sounds to me like they could use a good watering of the gospel.

    Seriously….that is unbelievable.

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    Tim says

    They probably saw your “picture” with Obama…

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    Phillip says

    or some community outreach, perhaps give them some water bottles with “Lakeside” info on them where the Water is abundant

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    Ellis says

    Well… maybe you should have asked him if he had any cool aid, and if so, if he could put it in the radiator… (comment edited by moderator for younger readers)

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    aletheiaodu says

    Dang Pharisees! They will get you every time!

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    Colby says

    I love the picture. What a crazy story!

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