Actions Reveal Beliefs

600px-merge_signsvgWhat I believe about God is plastered all over my actions. They are as indelible as graffiti on freshly painted stucco.

Planting churches and serving as a pastor has forced me to observe the areas of my life where my actions oppose my theology.

For example… Theologically, I believe that God grows the church (1 Cor. 3:6), not man. Yet most days my actions display that I believe that the growth of the church rests squarely on my shoulders. So, I work like THIS GUY – and justify it with catchy phrases like, “Pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on you” The truth is… over the past four years I have worked much harder than I have prayed while preaching a steady diet of faith over works to my congregation. God, please forgive me.

Spiritual growth is the process of merging my action and my theology.


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    Kristen says

    “Spiritual growth is the process of merging my action and my theology.”
    amen to that. our speaker in chapel today mentioned an old latin saying (probably) that translated “As I pray, so I believe” talking about praying the Psalms. Just as prayer is crucial in changing my beliefs to truth, so is the merging of actions and theology for a whole, undivided heart. Thanks for this Clint.

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    aletheiaodu says

    Thank you for this post because that statement is one my personal and church core values and often I find myself in the same place that you have found yourself and that is working furiously and living prayerlessly. I know that is not a word but it is sounds right and is the truth.
    Everything planned for and attempted must be saturated with prayer. How about this following quote: “Prayer comes first. It must be first in all occupations. So exacting and imperative in its significance and power is prayer that it stands first among spiritual values. He that prays not, is not at all. He is nothing, less than nothing. He is below zero…”
    E.M. Bounds (U.S. Civil War Chaplain)

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