A Moment to Brag

I just want to take a brief moment to brag on my oldest son, Noah. A few months ago I was telling him about an orphanage I went to in Bali. He came up with this idea to raise money for the kids so that they could buy some rice and fix up their orphanage. He planned this really unique event… it was a costume contest/party.. He got some of his other friends on board with the idea, requested money from the church elders to put the event on. The event raised about $400 that we will take to Bali this summer in order to take care of the kids at the orphanage. Below is a picture of the kids at the orphanage and a picture of Noah at the event in the suit he asked us to buy him. 

Jennifer & I did much of the legwork for the event but I am proud of Noah for the role he played in doing something for others. 




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    Becky Porter says

    You have every reason to be proud, Clint. He’s not mine but I’m proud too. Way to go, Noah ! ! Bless you. You look mighty sharpe in the suit too, Noah.

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