Bring Your Daughter to Work Day

photoI woke her up at 3:30 this morining and said… “do you want to go to work with daddy today?” She popped out of bed and was dressed and ready before me.

We swung by and picked up a few mates, a stop at Dunkin Donut, the we reached our destination. The 234 slug lot. Those of you who don’t live in NOVA are saying to yourself, “self, what is the 234 slug lot”… The slug lot is a parking lot where you can pick up passengers so that you can ride in the carpool lane. Those passengers are affectionately referred to as, “Slugs”. Every morning just before 5am a line starts to form and doesn’t die down until around 6:45. Cars drive through and search for passengers heading to the same location. It actually works pretty well.

So this morning Ruthe, Bobby, Bryan & I served coffee and donuts to the slugs and invited them to our Easter Service. It was cold but Ruthe didn’t complain. After the slug lot, we delivered some food to a local shelter and headed for the office. When I got to work I read this outrageous quote from Elizabeth Elliot’s book, Passion and Purity “A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that only a man seeking the Lord can find it.”


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    Becky Porter says

    What an original idea for witnessing, the slug lot. Did you think of that or did you join some other guys doing that already?

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    Kristen says

    thanks for including that “self” in your question to self. made my day 🙂
    hope some slugs showed up at church!

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