Easter at Pillar



Well I just have to let everyone know that Our Easter was outstanding at Pillar Church… We had the highest attendance ever at Pillar on Sunday morning, our band did an outstanding job and Jesus was the undisputed hero of the day.

I started the sermon on Sunday by pounding an 8 inch galvanized nail into a 12 foot cross. My point was to get everyones attention. I’m not really sure how well it worked but, as the guy pounding the nail, it sure got my attention. Easter this year also marked the 4 year anniversary for Pillar Church. I can honestly say that I am more excited today about the things that are happening at Pillar Church than I was just after our launch service. Tomorrow I am expecting an update on the “land deal” mentioned in previous posts. Ill be sure to let you know how that Goes. I’m taking a little break with my family this week, headed to a state park for some R&R. Have a great week.


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    chrisrhodenhizer says

    Praise Jesus bro! Way to go Pillar peeps!!!

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