Coffee With A Cause


A lot more info will be coming down the pipe about this project in the near future but the short version of a long story is that we are opening a coffee shop in locust Grove, VA sometime this fall. We are calling the shop Coffee with a Cause. The coffee shop will serve two purposes: 1) it will be a base for the ministry of one of our church plants (lakeside Community Church) and 2) It will raise funds and awareness for our Church Planting Projects here and overseas. We are planning to dedicate 10% of proceeds to these causes. Here is where you come in. We are trying to settle on a logo design. If you could help by sharing your opinions in the comments section. You can refer to them as logo 1-4 from top to bottom. Thanks for the help.


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    Kevin Dowker says

    I like #3.

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    clintclifton says

    I like #2… Makes me think of the coffee tree in Bali!


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    Dagný says

    I like #3…

    I would walk into a cafe with that logo…hehe

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    phillip says

    I like #3

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    aletheiaodu says

    From a marketing stand point I would go with the last one because the logo could stand alone for branding purposes. I would play with the coloring on it though. Just a thought. Love the marketplace ministry concept. Gotta go up and meet with Mark Batterson and his crew if you wanna do it right.

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    jason pelt says

    I like #4 but in the brown

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    chrisrhodenhizer says

    go with the last one bro

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    J. D. says

    I like #3. But #4 is not far behind and I agree with Jamie in reference to the stand alone logo. When you see the Starbucks logo it makes you instantly think of Starbucks coffee. That could definitely work for us.

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    Elisabeth says

    I like number 3 best, but number 4 is my second choice!

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    Michael Rogers says

    #4 in brown. I agree with the logo branding. The ones with cups, including the new one you just posted separately, are nice but maybe a little bit commonplace? No one mistakes the word coffee as possibly meaning salad, so you can afford to be unique.

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    Blake says

    Of these three and four would seem the better choices. Number three actually seems generic enough that you could do almost anything with the coffee shop and not feel betrayed by the logo. Number four I like in the green because it gives it a lighter and more organic feel that most coffee shop logos don’t have. Seriously, there is too much reliance on dark browns and greens. However, to use number four, one is going to have to recreate that organic and lighter feel in the coffee shop. Successfully pulling that off could be a great setting (better than the traditional, darker, generic kinds of settings most coffee shops provide) for ministry. Recreating that organic feel would mean seeing as little metal in the room as possible. There would be light wood grains (maybe some bamboo), light/bright colors, and furniture, fixtures and a layout that gave the feeling of a room in flux.

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    Michael Rogers says

    ^I like what he said.

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    Brother Ammin says

    Sarah says #3. I like the natural look of #2, the generic look of #3, and the logo branding potential of #4. Give #4 a shot in brown and see how it looks. How’s that for being wishy washy!

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    Jessica Dodds says

    I like number’s 3 and 4. I think you may have to check copyrights on number 4, it looks familar to me. Maybe from Hybrid cars or something, but you may not be able to use it.

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