Another Logo Design


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    Blake says

    I like all of the logos. My thought on one over another would be dependent on the interior design of the store. Some of those logos would work better with different interior designs. If you want a holistic aesthetic it’s best to work with the bigger issues first instead of choosing a logo and designing a store around it or designing the store and inappropriately attaching a nice but off logo to it. I don’t suppose this plan is far enough ahead in the works that you could share preliminary floor designs and decorating ideas could you?

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    clintclifton says

    Thanks Blake, Actually we don’t yet have a design idea. We for the shop. We were thinking of basing it on the logo instead of basing the logo on the shop.

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    Blake says

    If you were ordering custom printed coffee cups this logo would look the best on a coffee cup, but I can’t see it working as a stand alone logo as well as number four on the previous post. What this logo would call for in my mind for an interior design would be lots of heavy thick dark wood furniture, but sleek in design and not log cabin-y like what’s at a Caribou Coffee (yum!).

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