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dsc_0001The picture to the right is the prospective location for Coffee with a Cause. It is a corner spot that will allow us to have outside, tables, concerts and events. Please pray for us as we negotiate with the owners of the building. Also, here are a few updated logos based on the comments I received through email and the comments section. We are still not to a final decision about the logo but wanted feed back before a meeting that we are having on Sunday evening.



Last night I spoke at a Church Planter Network meeting for my denomination. The meeting was comprised of church planters, their spouses and their teams from the Metro Richmond area. It’s really exciting to see a solid team forming in one of the biggest metro areas in the state. I wonder why we cant pull something like this together for DC. About 10 or 12 churches represented in the group.

dsc_0006Tuesday Evening I spoke at FBC of Woodbridge to the regional “Perspectives Class” It was  a great class. We were talking about spontaneous church planting.. I was offering a local perspective and they had two 30+ year veteran missionaries serving both in China and the middle east. Both of these men have witnessed church planting movements first hand.

So what things to you think will have to take place in the US for us to see a church planting movement here?


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    Blake says

    The original number four in the green is much better. The combination of the boring and common brown with a lively and organic leaf image seems too much like a contradiction. But your changing the font did make me remember that there should be more experimentation with the font because it should help convey what the image suggests. The organic feel of the green leaf expresses a freedom and newness that isn’t captured by either of those fonts. The original font is too staid and blocky and the revised font is too common and unimaginative. You need a font that is both fresh and lively like the image, but isn’t hard to read. Stay away from heavy bold fonts, scripts, calligraphic and generally crazy looking fonts. Experiment with various sans serif fonts but don’t rule out more simplistic and less rigid serifed fonts.

    The second image here is creative, but I don’t think it’s simple and obvious enough for branding. On top of that this revised version of number three doesn’t seem generic like the original number three was, but it doesn’t give me a feeling for what to expect of a layout or even what that layout should look like.

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    Heath says

    What about making the leaves in the top one a bright green?

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    beckers says

    Clint, i havent read your blog in forever, so much is going on! its all exciting!
    I think it would be awesome and greatly beneficial to the students here if you or PBJ or Naethan came and spoke in a chapel next semester about church planting. I tried to get them to get you down here for this semester but i was too late. maybe ill get really bold and talk to Dr. Kinchen directly. I make no promises and dont even know that you would be interested in coming, but i will at least make a valiant effort in getting this accomplished by the time i graduate!
    Ps. if this happens, you are NOT ALLOWED to leave the family at home! They have to come with you!!!!
    Say hello to Jennifer and the Kids for me!

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