More Coffee Logos

Well our last round of logos got shot down… nothing compelling enough to hold on to. So… Here are a few new concepts. Obviously the hope is that the shop would facilitate the spreading of the gospel and that ultimately people from throughout the world would enter the Kingdom of God through the ministry. Here, Jesus kind of sums up what our desire for the shop is.

And people will come from east and west, and from north and south, and recline at table in the kingdom of God. -Luke 13:29

With that in mind… here are two more designs

Compass Logo

Finished Compass Logo


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    Phillip Scott says

    I like the compass. i like it a lot. its simple

  2. Reply
    Kevin D. says

    with the color, the compass image is much better.

  3. Reply
    Michael says

    I love the compass!

  4. Reply
    Rebecca Wire says

    I really like the look and concept of the compass!

  5. Reply
    Bobby O says

    i like the idea of the compass, but not that particular one.

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    Dagný says

    I like logo #3 from the original batch from way back.

    Those don’t really say “coffee” to me… sorry!

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    Blake says

    The compass is probably your best shot so far. It’s generic enough that there are many possibilities for the interior design. Also it’s valuable in the parallels to the ministry portion of the coffee shop.

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    aletheiaodu says

    Not really compelling nor can they stand alone. Just a thought.
    Like the one I said from the last set.
    What verse sticks out to you about this whole concept? What places do you want to reach through this? Maybe you can sum up “coffee with a cause” with one word that can stand alone like STARBUCKS or Ebeneezers or Panera? Then concept a logo from there. Just some marketing thoughts.
    love you guys for not playing it safe on this! Y’all are my heroes.

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    Charlie McElvy says

    My two pennies:

    love the “dirty”, almost scrubby line work on the compass — I don’t think the font jives with it, tho. dirty up the font, scratch it, break it, or maybe consider changing it up a little… maybe even an all lower-case font… just my thoughts, initially.


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    Colby says

    I don’t like the name. It’s too generic for branding. It maybe would make a good subtitle, but it doesn’t sit well from a marketing standpoint. For one, if you want the coffee shop to be viable and a large group of people don’t like your cause then you can’t even sell them coffee because you have put the concept so up front. You don’t have to hide the cause, but you also don’t have to make the idea front and center in the branding.

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    Jonathan Davis says

    Colby and Jamie,

    I appreciate your input…do either of you have any suggestions for a name?

    We settled on Coffee with a Cause because it states who we are right up front. We sell coffee and it’s for a cause (simple huh?)

    We beat around names for a long time before we decided on CWaC. Nothing else really stuck. I’m still open to the idea of using CWaC as a “subtitle” if we can come up with a name that fits who we are…if not, then we will have to stick with CWaC.

    Anyone else?

    Read this one today: “He Brews”

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    aletheiaodu says

    How about “the brewery”- the cats at the SBC would love that one! But it might work!

    “The BREWERY”
    coffee with a cause

    “fulfilling your ritual with meaning”

    “brewed awakenings”

    Just a few thoughts.

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    Charlie McElvy says

    South Beans Coffeehouse (SBC)
    Hill O’ Beans
    Philip Beans (say it out loud)
    4-Corners Coffee
    Effectual Brewing
    Steep It Up
    Wholly Grounds

    … I dunno. Course, most any suggestion may necessitate a graphic change. Hmmm.

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    mikescott92 says

    Maybe you should try turn your head and coffee. BTW where have you been donkey? I expected some Pillage Victorious Post to come out so I could reply and congratulate you guys!!

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