Catching Up

I know, I know… sorry.

Ok… a ton of stuff has happened since we last spoke. Let me give you a quick run down of what has happened (since I was too lazy to post it all as it happend).

5/15 – Jen and I went on a long overdue date and we had a great time. I have noticed with our last several dates we tend to do things that we do all the time, just without kids – I think we are turning into old people.

5/17 – Visited the Warren Tribe – Wow…  this amazing family, the Warrens. They have been coming to Pillar Church for the past few weeks… these guys are amazing. They have adopted 5 kids from Ethiopia and have three biological. – She home schools all of them, the are polite, and smart…  we spent three hours at their house with 11 kids and zero drama! The warrens make Jon & Kate look like beginners.

5/18-19 – Went to the innovate conference in Lynchburg. I went with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Francis Chan hit it out of the park.. WATCH IT

5/21 – My brother in law, Jonathan, who is serving in Iraq sent me EVERY book off of my Amazon Wish List… That is love.

5/22-23 – Went camping with some great friends along the banks of the Rappahannock this is the 4th year in a row we have done this trip – Good times.

5/24 – Pillage Softball Game – Well, we have been planning this for a while but we challenged Image Church to a game of softball after church – They showed up in their matching jerseys with $300 bat’s and a month of practice under their belt… – We didn’t have any of that stuff… we just prayed that the Lord would deliver us from our enemies. We won 13-12. SEE SOME PICS

5/26 – Learned that my friend Mark Stratton was killed by a suicide bomber while serving in Afghanistan. Mark left behind three kids and wife. Mark was an outstanding Christian, a loving father and husband and a patriot. I had the honor of writing a song for his funeral. Read the words HERE

5/26 – Had THIS surgery… ouch.

5/31 – Took my boys camping with some friends from Church..

Camping trip

6/6 – Got to officiate a wedding for some great friends Phillip & Elisabeth. They are going to manage Coffee With A Cause when it opens in October… These guys love Jesus and have committed their lives to His service. I cant wait to see what God does with them.

Ok.. now I’m up to date… Next week I head back to Indonesia.. to continue our work there.

Many of you have asked about Coffee With A Cause… I promise more info is coming soon, Stay tuned.


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    no shout out for your new intern, Jenny? What’s up with that?

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