UPG trip

After 24 hours of travel our team of 4 arrived safely in Indonesia. We are in Indo for the 3rd time in the past twelve months.  Some scoff at our decision to work on here but let me assure you that this island is spiritually dark and surprisingly poor. Today our team of 4 woke at 5:30, traveled to a small gathering of Christians on the western part of the island. I had the fortune of being able to preach to a congregation of about 60 converts who live with daily persecution. Their pastor is a smart and fearless man towering just over 5 feet tall he is a giant of our faith, sharing the message of Jesus in the face of great danger, living in a small brick building that doubles as a the house  and a house of worship. This pastor has recently welcomed in an additional 20 children from his community to live with he and his wife.

Today we decided to spend some of the money we raised for the trip to build a shelter for the children to live in. This 1200sf house will cost less than 2k to build and likely be finished by the end of the week. Most of the labor will be done by the 15 boys who live in the church. We start building tomorrow morning.

Today we went with him to share the gospel with contacts he has made over the past several months among the people group that God has called us to serve. We also spoke with 2 of the five known Christians who are from this people group. The work is going well, the food is bad, the motel has rats… but Jesus is awesome.

I miss my family and they miss me… please pray for us. I will try to write a short post each evening about our progress.


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    Becky Porter says

    Awesome. I will look forward to your blog each day and keeping up with how the work is going. You and your group are in my prayers and your families back home.

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