UPG trip #2

Sorry for the lack of posting… We have been busy here. To make a very long story short we have been working with a group of orphans here. There was very Godly Indonesian man (Pac Runi) who began to take orphan kids into his home… he had the vision of sharing the gospel with them and sending them out when they grew up to spread the message around the city. In November of last year he was hit by a truck while driving his motorcycle and killed. Since Pac Runi was the only provider for the 25 children he the orphans were now in serious trouble. When I visited last December I heard the story and met the children. We determined to help all we could so we decided to go home and try to raise some funds to help these kids.

One of our translators on our last trip (gusti) was also moved with compassion for the orphans. Worked hard and saved enough money to purchase a piece of property to build a home for the children. He gathered them..taught them to make bricks and built a temporary shelter for them (the size of a lawn shed with no walls) another local christian cared for them, gave them food and provided shelter for them.

When we got here on Sunday our team decided to focus the money we raised on taking care of the needs of the children. We spent $1500 dollars and Monday morning began construction on a 1000sf house for them on the property that Gusti built. The children (most of whom are teenage boys) are doing the labor, and for $100 we hired a contractor to oversee the project.

It is now Wednesday and the foundation is nearing completion. Within 2 weeks these children should have a place to call home. Today we loaded  all of the children in the back of a pickup truck and drove them to the beach in order to baptize three of the orphans. When we finished with the baptism we sat down on the beach next to a Hindu man who witnessed us all standing in the water singing and praying. We shared the gospel with him and there on the beach he repented of his sins, agreed to forsake his religion and to be discipled by one of the local believers. We stood up from the palm tree log we were sitting on and waked straight into the Indian ocean and baptized our new brother. Awesome.

I miss my family terriably and cant wait for my children to meet my new friends at the Pillar House of Compassion for Children. Please continue to pray fror us as we work.


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    Becky Porter says

    This made me cry. This is an awesome story. What a God we serve. You all continue to be in my prayers and your families.

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    Jackie Alexander says

    Clint what an awesome story..If there is anything our circle can do for these kids let us know.

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