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My wife and I are expecting our fourth child (Moses) in October. A month ago the pregnancy took an unexpected turn and things have been a bit volotle for the past several weeks. Both Jennifer and Moses are doing fine but after two stints in the hospital and a “bed rest” order from the doctor my schedule has been dramatically adjusted. Please keep our family in prayer until Moses safely arrives.

During this time I also started an internship at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in DC. As you know CHBC is stacked with great leadership. Twice a year these guys bring in 6 interns from various parts of the world and load them up with sound ecclesiology and then let them loose. Dr. Dever is allowing me to participate in the internship reading and discussion this semester and the leadership at Pillar has given me extra time to focus on my studies with CHBC. Over the semester I hope to post some of the things I am learning here for you to benefit from also. If you are interested in learning more about the CHBC internship you can check out the CHBC website HERE or see that Owen Strachan includes the internship atop his list of “exceptional pastoral ministry internships” HERE


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    Becky Porter says

    Ever since y’all left Lyons I have been concerned about Baby Moses and Jennifer and have been praying for you all.
    Also I have been praying for you, Clint, because I know a lot has fallen on you to do. You’re a good daddy and husband and I know you will do whatever it takes. We were so blessed to have your family and the Davis family with us at Lyons FBC. Come back any time.

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    aletheiaodu says

    Love you bro and I am praying for you. You are simply and inspiration. I know it sounds corny…but you are. Love you man.

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