About 3 months ago my life got very crowed. Jennifer learned she was having some pregnancy complications and was placed on bed rest, our church decided to partner with one of our church plants to open a coffee shop, I began an internship with the illustrious Mark Dever… add that to the fact that summer is the busiest time of year for our church and we found ourselves right in the middle the perfect storm of chaos.

This week it feels as if some glimpse of Normalcy has returned… the baby is healthy, the coffee shop is finished, the internship is going fine and church has settled a bit. So… I return, like an ashamed child to the blogosphere… allĀ  my normal readers have written me off … I get it… but here I go again. Proving just how dirty Clint is.

I will beging with a pictorial introduction of two new births… Coffee With A Cause and Moses Owen Clifton.




DSC_0270 IMG_1282


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    Becky Porter says

    Welcome back !! I have really missed hearing about life with the Cliftons and all you are involved with. CWAC looks great. Wish some of us from FBC Lyons could come and help y’all on opening day. Moses is precious.

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    cynthia geracoulis says

    Thank You for bringing Coffee with a Cause to Locust Grove! Quite honestly being in the coffee “house” is like a little piece of heaven…sipping strong coffee, listening to PER, greeted by friendly Christians…it doesn’t get much better than this. I already feel like it is a place I can go when I need to seek physical and spiritual refuge and remind myself that God is the bottom line of EVERYTHING! Thank You and God bless all of you and the new church! YAY!

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