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The Land of Fire & Ice

Slide20I’m getting ready to drop in on the Garmans for a few days  to catch up on the ministry in Iceland we started back in 2006. The Garman family is serving faithfully there and I am hoping to learn a little about loving Jesus by spending a few days with some real missionaries. This trip is going to be extra special because I have the privileged of traveling with my favorite 5 year old, Ruthe. Ruthe was 3 when we lived in Iceland and remembers very little of our time there but has agreed to accompany me on the trip in order to give the Garman girls a few days of love. If the technical gods are with us the Garmans will be joining Pillar Church (Via Satellite) this Sunday morning… so be there or be square. Please pray for the Garmans and the people of Iceland. The winter months are historically a difficult time for Icelanders with nearly 24 hrs of darkness and frigid temperatures. This year should be especially depressing given the collapse of the Icelandic economy earlier this year. You can read about the Garman’s and there adventures in Reykjavik HERE. If you love the Garman’s and want to send something with me make their winter a bit warmer please feel free to contact me sometime between now and thanksgiving or use the comments section of this post to write them a message.

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