Traveling With Ruthe

I’m riding a bus between DC and NYC right now (wi-fi on a bus? Wow!) with my 5-year-old daughter Ruthe. Ruthe and I are going to spend the day today in NYC before flying out to Reykjavik tonight to visit our good friends the Garmans. This is a sweet trip for me because this time three years ago my family and I were on month three of a four-month church planting project in Reykjavik. It’s a great city and we loved our time there. Our family and our church have had a tremendous desire to see the gospel spread there since we learned spiritual condition of the country. Our work there has gone well and we are hoping that having the Garman’s there full time will give the project some real traction. While Ruthe and I travel Jennifer and our boys is in the sunshine state visiting her solder brother who recently returned safely from the war in Iraq.

I’m not use to traveling with children when Jennifer is not with me. I have already broken several of the cardinal house rules. Ruthe’s hair went without being brushed for about 36+ hours (if you have never seen Ruthe’s hair you cannot possibly understand why that is so bad), we left the house for our December trip for “Ice” land with only a pair of church sandals – oops. We had donuts for dinner last night at 9:30pm, then cheese-its for breakfast this morning. Ruthe’s not supposed to drink anything after 7pm but she was downing a Sunkist at 11:00pm. But… she’s still alive and having a grand time.

I plan to post our adventures throughout the week. If you are in town this weekend Pillar Church will be continuing the Man of the House series with Pastor Naethan Hendrix teaching “A Man Guides Patiently” and at Lakeside Pastor Bryan Scott will be continuing our series in Galatians.


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    Bill Jessup says

    Clint and Ruthee,

    The Jessup’s are praying for you to have a wonder time in Iceland. I know the joy of being there and trust that our Lord will work wonderfully in you guys to the country and to Colby, Annie, Hailey, & Darcy.

    Bless, Bless

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    Becky Porter says

    If you had asked me to go I would have brushed Ruthe’s hair, packed her some “real” shoes, found that child something besides donuts for supper and cut off her liquids at 7. Boy, I hope Jennifer doesn’t read this blog…you’re in trouble. I am so totally envious of you two going to Iceland and I’m stuck here in south Georgia I could have a “hissy” fit. I will check each day to see what you all have been up to. Be blessed. I am praying for you both and the Garmans that God will doing something outstanding while you’re there !!

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    Jason says

    well I have seen Ruthes hair when she took her ead band. you would imagine it so bad.

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    Hannah Hendrix says

    sounds like you guys are having fun.

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