Simon and Garmanfunkle

Living with the Garmans is like living inside a Saturday Night Live Sketch… non-stop comedy. This week has been a great time of catching up on our lives and talking about the ministry they have here. The Garmans have made the (very wise) decision to direct the majority of their attention during this first phase of ministry on learning the Icelandic language. It is a difficult language compounded by the fact that the vast majority of Icelanders speak fluent English. This makes learning Icelandic difficult because English is always available as a default. Tonight an Icelander who has known Colby and Annie for a few weeks told me that he has never known a foreigner to learn the language so quickly. The week to this point was spent preparing for an event that took place tonight.. Colby, Annie and I performed a Christmas concert in the basement of a downtown Reykjavik’s Café Rot. We chose eight songs that told the Biblical Christmas story and talked about the significance of the incarnation.

The Garmans promoted the event through Facebook. Per capita Iceland has the greatest number of Facebook users in the world. More than 150,000 Icelanders have a Facebook account. Nearly half of the 320,000 people living in Iceland have a Facebook account. (46.89%).

About 50 people came to the concert and it went great. Each song was dripping  gospel  and we giving us the  opportunity to talk about the songs during and after the concert with those who attended. Everyone stayed around for an hour or so after the event and talked. Please pray for Colby & Annie as they continue to work in Reykjavik.


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    Bill Jessup says

    What a great ministry event. Seeing the two of you up there like that blessed me in a great way.

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    clintclifton says

    Ya, colby and I were talking about how we wish you could have been there.. You would have really loved it. Looking forward to chatting with you about my trip.

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