Pillar Logo Ideas

Pillar is working on getting a new logo to better reflect our purposes and ring in years 5-10 for us. To the right is the logo that I personally like the best. Follow the links below to see another 10 options… The goals with this logo are as follows… We want to freshen things up with an image that is able to stand alone black and white and doesn’t have a lot of detail… in a word, simple. The other goal is to reflect or passion to plant new churches. Please take a look at the following samples and let us know what you think in the comments section. All the logos were done by Matt Giedon at MWG Media Works – I highly recommend him if you are in search of a designer for web or print.

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5
Sample 6
Sample 7
Sample 8
Sample 9
Sample 10


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    stockholmadventures says

    I agree with you!
    The one that you posted to the right is the best one.

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    aletheiaodu says

    All these snow days and no new blog posts…come on bro. Love you man and hope you are doing well.

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