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Overdue Updates

Here are some photos from the Pillar House in Indonesia. These were sent to me by an American who works on the island and went out for a visit last week. You will notice that off of the left side of the house they put a little car port that they hope to use as a garage to repair cars. If the kids living here learn a trade (like working on cars) they can make money to support and further the ministry. We are hoping to bring some mechanics and tools with us when we visit this summer. The plan is to get there.. buy some cars, teach the kids to fix them then sell the cars and use the proceeds to help the kids.

As you can see by the second photo cars are not the only thing that need attention. A coconut with a bit of momentum could probably take out the entire roof so we are hoping to replace that with a new stronger roof. Of course we have other projects planned too… we are going to put in a new floor and get some electricity in the place. If you think you might me interested in Joining us for our trip this summer please here are a few details.

  • When Are you going? July 31-Aug 8, 2010
  • How much will the trip cost? Generally the trips are between 1900-2200 USD. That is food, travel, lodging & Insurance.
  • How long does it take to get there? about 24 hrs… NYC>TOYKO>BALI
  • What would I be doing? You would be on one of three teams. 1) Construction 2) Mechanics 3) Evangelism

If you are interested in finding out more please email me at

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