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Iceland Update

Many people have asked me about what is going on in Iceland with the Volcano and how it is affecting the Garman family. I spoke with Colby for some time earlier this week and they said that unlike the rest of Europe Reykjavik has only been mildly effected by the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Colby said that up to this point they have seen no sign of ash or volcano even though they are less than 80 miles from the eruption. The Garmans posted THIS UPDATE yesterday.

If you would like to see some very  impressive photography from the eruption you can see it HERE.

The greater concern for the Garmans at this point is that they have recently learned that there unborn child has a heart condition that will require them to return to the US for a few months. Please pray for them as they go through yet another very difficult situation. I encourage you to send them a note of encouragement or a prayer to there email at

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