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CP Proposal: The Boston Initiative

A few days ago I got a Church Planting proposal from a guy headed to Boston, Juan McLean. It is the most well thought out, comprehensive church planting proposal I have ever seen… not to mention that it looks great. Let me encourage you to take a look, you can download it HERE or visit his website for an online version HERE. For you future church planters out there I would really encourage you to prepare something like this before hitting the road to raise support. Here are a few reasons:

  • It proves that the planter has counted the cost and understands all the issues related to planting in this location. It is obvious that Juan has done a ton of research and knows (as best he can) the field he is headed to.
  • It gives you a reference point to return to throughout your journey. I can imagine a church planter a few months in referring back to a document like this to check on his progress.
  • It screams… “I’m serious about this” this isn’t a passing idea… I’m gunna do this.

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