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I just returned from Indonesia working at the Pillar House (Pillar Church’s Orphanage) and spreading the gospel in the people group that lives nearby. The trip was tremendous and I pray that many of you will consider going in the future. I’d like to share some pictures with you from the trip.

Ben Cartwright snaped this photo on his iphone. Its not of particular significance but it’s what most of the homes look like.

Again Ben and the magic phone… this is the sky at dusk atop the Indian ocean bordering the village we ministered in.

When I was walking to the bath one morning a dog was following me and barking at my every move… I said to our interpreter, “If that dog doesn’t shut up he’s going to be lunch!” This is the gruesome scene that awaited me when returned from my bath. Apparently the interpreter misunderstood my comments and thought I said, “I’d like to have that dog for lunch.” I did have the dog for lunch and it was actually pretty tasty.

We had the great privilege of baptizing six new converts and two of our American team members. We decided to baptize at mountain waterfall so all of those being baptized, our team, friends and family all set out for hike through the jungle in search of a water fall. We never found the water fall but we did find water after a few miles of hiking.

This is a picture of the hallway in the hospital near the village where we were working. We found this place to be a tremendous place to share the gospel. The hospital was not air conditioned, only had one electrical outlet per room, six patients in each room (No larger than a hospital Room in the US) the beds were just sheets of plywood). The patients families were all camped in the grass outside each room. I spent hours and hours there and never saw a doctor. No machines, no equipment, very little medicine. The boy pictured in the hallway is the brother of a 1 year old who pulled a boiling pot of cooking oil on her head. They had been there for weeks. We were able to share the message of Jesus to virtually every person on this hallway. We even visited several of the families in their homes when they were discharged.

The national workers that are working to build the pillar house have a dream for the future that they drew out for us before we left. The envision the Pillar House being home to 20 children, several adult workers and being a fully functioning school in the not so distant future.

Exmore Baptist Church sent a ton of new clothes and shoes for the kids who live at the Pillar House. When we started sizing them up and passing out the goods it felt a bit like Christmas morning. The kids were so excited.

This is the whole Pillar House crew with our team just before we left. Please pray for them as they grow up. Pray that the holy spirit would cause them to believe the Gospel and send them out to spread his name throughout Indonesia.


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    Jason says

    That is what i call “lost in translation.” bon appetit

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    Jamie Limato says

    Love you bro and your heart for mission and your audacity to obey the call to live out mission.

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