New Digs for Pillar

After six years of meeting as a portable church we have landed in a semi-permanent facility.  The building is an 11,000 sf facility that we could never afford at the outrageous price tag of 20K per month. By a turn of events that can only be explained by grace, God has given us the facility for the time being. It is located perfectly near the intersection of HWY 234 and I-95 in Dumfries. Here are a few pics from our first service in the facility.We are grateful for God’s provision… but are more determined than ever to plant churches and spread the gospel.


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    Jamie Limato says

    Love you Pillar. Praying for you. Remember the 1st day that my family were at Pillar. 20 or so adults in a partitioned off area in the smaller part of the elementary school gym. God is so faithful. Keep up God’s Kingdom work in Dumfries. We are with and behind you heart and soul.
    -Aletheia Norfolk

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