Personal Evangelism Seminars at Pillar

For two Sunday evenings in the month of March Pillar Church is hosting personal evangelism seminars in Dumfries. The seminars will be offered in English and Spanish. Childcare is provided for babies and preschoolers as well as a light dinner.

The Event will take place at IMAGE CHURCH, 17650 Possum Point Road
Dumfries, VA 22026 at 5pm

Randy Newman – Sunday, March 20, 2011

Author of “Questioning Evangelism” and “Corner Conversations” has written two excellent books on the subject of personal evangelism. Giving readers a much-needed look at sharing Christ with unbelievers, based not on the techniques of guerrilla hard-sell tactics, but on engaging questions and caring interaction. Filled with humor and stories, this book provides a challenging yet encouraging look at evangelism in our world today. This volume argues that asking questions and starting meaningful conversations is a far better method for sharing faith than prepared lectures or statements. It gives advice on what people need to hear in response to the world around them. Learn more about Randy and his books at www.kregel.com

Dave Proffitt – Sunday, March 27, 2011

With over 30 years of experience in full time ministry Dave has a wealth of experience and as an evangelist and church planter. Dave co-founded Aletheia Church and then the Aletheia Collegiate Church Planting Network with his son Aaron. He is also the Author of “Discipleship Course” and “City Change Course” used to disciple and equip college students throughout the Aletheia Network. You can learn more about Dave and Aletheia at www.aletheianetwork.com


For more information or to RSVP a group from your church, please contact:


English Contact:

Clint Clifton (Pillar Church of Dumfries)

Clint@pillarchurchsbc.com 703-508-9985


Spanish Contact:

Sergio Alvarez (Iglesia Roca Eterna)

zergio@msn.com 703-595-3514

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