Helpful Posts on Baptism

In our church the question of the baptism of children comes up a lot. I have decided to post some of the articles that have been helpful to me on this subject for your consideration.  Most churches embrace and encourage child baptism… the Church at the Redeemer in MD produced THIS VIDEO to teach kids about baptism… Needless to say there are a lot of opinions out there… so, happy reading.

At Pillar we made a very simple handout to help us explain our position on baptism you can download it HERE

MacArthur & Sproul Debate on Baptism

How Young is too Young for Baptism – John MacArthur

Baptism of Children – Mark Dever

The Baptism of Small Children

The Baptism of Small Children

The Problem of Re-babtism in America – Trevin Wax

Infant Baptism and the New Covenant Community – John Piper

Should Baptism Be Permitted to Cause Division Between Churches?

Piper’s Response to Grudem on Baptism Position

Infant Baptism, Believers Baptism or Both?


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