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Motivation for Evangelsim

Well, Pillar Church has been going through an interesting season lately. Our new building has been “off limits” for us the past several weeks until a new bathroom is installed putting us in compliance with town code. So our big new building is sitting empty and we are (agian) loading in and out of an elementary school each Sunday.

We just started a series on Personal Evangelism called, “The Appeal” –  this week our worship leader, Colby Garman and I we swaped places as he walked us through 2 Cor 8:9. Here’s a memorable quote…

So often in speaking to Christians about evangelism we immediately talk of commands (which we mostly know about), and the need (which we are quite aware of) and send ourselves out to placate our guilt for not having done more. Some of you here today who are Christians will not begin to share the gospel by being told it is a command (which it is) or being told that there are people who need to hear it and see it displayed (which of course there are). To do this would require that you love God deeply enough to care about his commands or that you love people deeply enough to care about their condition. There is only one thing that can accomplish both of these in your heart and it is the gospel itself. Continually being moved by the gospel to worship Christ will have the result that it has always had on ready hearts. It will lead you to proclaim it to others. (Listen HERE)

Our congregation has also been reading Randy Newman’s excellent book, Questioning Evangelism in anticipation of his talk at Pillar on March 20th.


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