Where are the drowning people?

Let me guess. You love your kids, you love Jesus and you want your kids to love Jesus. You say to yourself, “Self, If I want my kids to love Jesus… so, I need to read the Bible to them”. So, you load up in the mini van and head over to the Bargain Bible Warehouse where approximately 3 billion beautifully illustrated children’s Bibles  assault four of your five senses. You flip through them, one by one, comparing musical buttons to scratch and sniff. Finally, you decided on one and head to the checkout.

That night, Johnny tucked in tight; you pull out your new purchase and flip it open. Each story takes approximately 17 seconds to read, leaving lots of extra time for you and Johnny admire the pop up pages.

You read each of the stories, noticing the omission of death, blood, wrath, anger and well… anything negative. But the omission doesn’t bother you; after all… we don’t want our kids to know everything about God only the pleasant things.

I find it ironic that we stand ready to stone an adult who manipulates the Word of God to suit his own desires but happily join in the manipulation when our kids are involved.

What does it say about our confidence in the scripture when we conceal it from our own children? What does it say about our discipleship as parents if our children can only handle happy thoughts?

With every word and picture our children consume they are creating a profile of God in their minds. The profile they are getting… God is love, God is always happy, God never gets angry, God loves everyone, the end.

I think there’s a pretty good chance that, if a kid who grew up thinking about God this way, then – by some chance got a hold of an actual Bible – he might think he were reading about a different God.

I want to start a grassroots revolt against all lies in children’s Bible media. The way I see it, if your kids cant handle a Bible story you have two options.

#1 – Don’t read it to them. (This is the one I favor)

#2 – Read them a distorted version, excluding the parts you believe they cant handle.

Tonight at dinner I found myself unteaching a lie my children learned by watching one of those ridiculous Christian films. I think I’m honestly to the point that I’d rather my children watch “Children of the Corn” than “Veggie Tales”.


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    Dannie Williams says


    We do not have a separate children’s worship in our church after a child enters the 1st grade. Now that does not always make every mom or dad happy but it is our conviction. That being said first graders and above hear what the adults hear in my sermons. A few years ago I was preaching a series of sermons on the judgments of God. I did word studies on the differrent words in the Bible that describe those places of Judgement which are referred to as Hell. I did not try to be overly dramatic nor did I try to scare people, I simply preached the revelation of God as revealed in scripture. One of those Sunday’s my grandson who was in the first or second grade when home with me. He immediately asked me if people who did not accept Jesus as Savior would go to hell. I said yes. He then asked me if they who burn for ever. I said yes. He said Grandannie I don’t want to go to hell. At that point I explained the gospel to him. Soon thereafter Dawson came under conviction of sin, righteousnes and judgment and trusted Jesus as his personal Savior. I am convinced that if we dance around Biblical doctrines because they seem harsh we set our children up to view God as a big fat grandaddy who knows nothing of holiness and will forgive everyone no matter what they do with the substitutionary atoning work of Christ..

    Dannie Williams

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    clintclifton says

    I’ve had the same experience. We recently did a series on Hell and my kids asked me more questions about that series than anything i have ever spoken about.

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