Colby Garman Added to Pillar Staff

Big announcement at Pillar Church Sunday… you can read it below or listen to it HERE.

Pillar Church began with a single passion to know Jesus Christ and make him known. Since our first meeting more than six years ago, every decision, every sermon, and every song has been aimed at this goal. Today, I am glad to announce to you that we have chosen to take another step in pursuit of that same goal by inviting Pastor Colby Garman to join the pastoral staff and elder board at Pillar Church.

Pastor Colby’s and investment in our congregation is extensive:

  • In 2004 when God began to call me to plant this church He and Annie supported and encouraged to obey God’s call.
  • In 2005 the Garmans were a part of the team that commissioned my family to plant Pillar Church.
  • Through the difficulties of early stage planting efforts the Garmans were confidants and friends to our family encouraging us to remain faithful even when we wanted to give up.
  • In 2006 Colby served our church while I led our church planting efforts in Iceland.
  • In 2008 Colby became our first international missionary permanently relocating his family to Iceland to spread the gospel on our behalf.
  • In 2010 when it became clear that the Garman’s had to leave Iceland due to their daughter Gracie’s heart condition, the Garmans returned to Pillar and selflessly devoted themselves to the work of the ministry.

A few weeks ago our elders agreed unanimously to invite Pastor Colby to join the pastoral staff and elder board at Pillar Church. After a time of reflection and prayer Pastor Colby and his family accepted our invitation.

Pastor Colby and I will work together to make Jesus Christ known and celebrated here in Prince William County and throughout the world. After a time of transition Pastor Colby will work to help us know Jesus by overseeing the teaching and discipleship ministries of Pillar Church and I will work to make him known by giving my attention to our church planting efforts locally and globally.

This transition will insure that we give our very best effort to the two things that are most central to our ministry, knowing Jesus and making him known. I pray that you will join me in thanking the Lord for giving the Garmans to us for this time. I also pray that you will ask the Lord to protect our unity and use us extensively for His purposes in the world.


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    Becky Porter says

    This is great news. Sounds like a winning combination, Pillar Church, the Garmans and all the people that will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord because of this decision. May you all be blessed today as you pursue your passion of making Him known. You are all in my prayers every day.

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    Annie B. says

    Thanks for being such a faithful prayer warrior, Becky! We’re blessed to know you…

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