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Church Planting Pastors and Moral Failure (1 of 3)

A little series of posts here on moral Failure

Imagine for a moment that your family moves into a new home situated on a major highway. Traffic on the highway is steady at 55 mph for most of the day. When you meet your neighbors for the first time they warn by telling you that that many accidents have happened on the road and that dozens of family pets have fallen victim to the dangerous highway. One neighbor even tells you the tragic story of a boy who was hit by a car while he was riding his bike near the road. Your previous house was safe and you were in the habit of sending your kids out to play without supervision; you let the dog out to run without a concern.

How would you protect your family at this new home? Would you make adjustments to your lifestyle? Would you build a fence in the front yard? Would you stop sending the kids out to play unsupervised? Would you get a leash for the dog? Of course you would! The heightened danger would cause you to be extra cautious.

Becoming a church planter is like moving into this home. The highway is sin and temptation, the fence and leash are measures of accountability, and I come to you as a concerned neighbor with a sobering warning. As a church planter the temptation to sin is great and so is the wake of damage left behind by sinful choices.

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