Praetorian Project Film

For the past several months we have been working to develop the Praetorian Project. The project is our effort to plant a new gospel-centered church at every Marine Corps base around the world. I hope you’ll take a moment to watch the film. We are asking 100 churches to join us in this endeavor by:

  • Pray corporately for the gospel to spread among Marines and for faithful churches to be established near USMC bases worldwide.
  • Show the film. We have produced a short film about the project that we hope you will consider showing in an upcoming worship service.
  • Give to the project. We are in search of 100 partnering churches willing to give $1775 each. With this we would be able to complete phase one of the project- establishing four new churches in the areas of the world most populated by Marines.
  • Invite a planter to speak at your church. Several of the men that are preparing to plant Pillar Churches near USMC installations are available to visit your church. If you invite them they will share about the need for new churches near USMC bases, explain their motivation to do so, and share the way God uniquely called them to serve.
  • Copy what we are doing. There are groups of people all around you in need of new churches and a faithful gospel witness. Your church can identify one of those groups and begin working to reach them.


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    Becky Porter says

    EXCELLENT video !! What a vision, but what a God! Go for it with all you’ve got and God will bless. Can’t wait to see what happens. It’s an honor to know you, Clint Clifton. You’re a special servant.

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