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Funding for Church Planters (Part 2)

As I mentioned in my last post, if your willing to put in a little effort you will find that there are funding sources available. Here are a few things that you should consider before setting out to raise money for a new church plant.

First, Please for the love of God, before you do anything read this post by Resurgence.

How to ask:

  • People are more likely to give to your project if they are impressed with you. If supporters can see potential in you, they will see potential in your project. If you get a chance to make a presentation before a church or a pastor make sure your presentation is excellent, well thought out and in a simple, esthetically pleasing presentation. Be on time, dress sharp, bring someone else with you (this subtly¬† communicates that your not alone in this venture). When you can’t sit face to face – find another way to get before people. Here are some good examples – a VIDEO, a written proposal, and a website all to raise funds for a new church.
  • Know this… Guilt doesn’t motivate – avoid using it.
  • Read Ben Arment’s post THE BIG ASK
  • After your presentation, be specific and direct about what you want. “Would it be possible for your church to contribute $500 per month for the next two years to help me plant this new church? never ask, “do you think you could contribute anything?”.. If they say no to $500, ask for $250.
  • Often people will ask, “What can I do to help?” – Be prepared with an answer.. “We’re seeking 20 individuals to contribute $50 per month for the next year, could you join that group?” – “We’re asking people to buy a chair for our new church – they are $65 dollars each.. Could you buy one?”
  • You should be getting positive responses from about 50% of the people you ask directly. If your not getting a response that good, somethings broken about your presentation – go back to the drawing board.

Who to Ask:

  • Your Church – The church you currently attend should be your very first presentation. First, get on the same page with the leadership. Make certain that they support you. If you can’t get past this step you should work to get their support. If you happen to attend an unhealthy church I suggest getting involved in heather one right away. If your not sure if your church is healthy or not, read this.
  • Your Denomination – Nearly every denomination has a church planting budget of some kind. Unless you already have a relationship with denominational leaders take your pastor with you when you approach them. If they have a formal program and application process, do it quickly and completely to give a good impression. If you are an SBC church planter you should read this¬† document, it does a pretty good job of explaining how SBC funding streams work.
  • Other Churches – Make a list of churches you have some connection to. Your home church, your parents church, other churches you attended in the past, etc. Set up meetings with the pastor or missions pastor from each church (skype works well if they are far).
  • Friends and Family – Individuals friends and family often want to help. Find a way that they can give regularly to your work. Sit with each of them one on one and ask if they can support.
  • Other Possibilities – Your employer, your seminary, church planting networks & mission agencies. In my next post I will provide a list of such agencies.

Doug Murren has a post on the same subject HERE.

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