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IMB Film Features Pillar/SBC's Iceland Project

Pillar Church and Stafford Baptist Church have been working in the nation of Iceland since 2006 aiming to establish churches and Share Jesus among the Icelandic People. My friend and mentor Bill Jessup is just a few weeks away from moving his family of 5 to Reykjavik for Iceland Project v.3.0. Here’s a film IMB recently produced about the project.

As you may already know that IMB’s new president, Tom Elliff has launched the “Embrace” initiative with the goal of getting local churches directly involved in engaging unreached groups. Man I hope he succeeds.

I think it’s tremendously important that you, especially if your a church planter, do all you can to lead your church to engage in work among unreached people. There has never been a moment in our history as a church that we haven’t made sacrifices for the progress of the gospel among an unreached group and I can honestly say that it has be to our great benefit to do so. It has installed in us a sensitivity to the unreached people of the world. I cant tell you how important it has been to haveĀ  personal relationships with nationals in unreached places. Knowing and loving these individuals has dwarfed the issues we face at home and given us a grander since of what God’s doing in the world. All of this has made us a better, more unified, more compassionate, more prayerful congregation.

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