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Video: Creating a Culture of Planting in Your Church

Lot’s of pastors believe that we should plant new churches in order to obey the great commission. I’d even go as far as saying many would give it a try if the believed their congregation would be supportive of the idea. The truth is many congregations will resist the Idea of sending people and money away to establish a new church.  So… how do you begin to change the mindset of the people in your congregation to help them understand and obey God’s call to plant new churches? I sat down with church planting pastor Jonathan Davis to talk with him about how our churches have created a culture of church planting in our churches. We basically outline four things you can do to help change the mindset of your congregation – Here they are and have added a 6th that I forgot to mention in the video.

  • Celebrate Church Planting and Church Planters
  • Teach the Theological Underpinnings.
  • Make the goal of all of your ministries to produce future leaders (that could potentially be used in new churches)
  • Develop a training program for those headed for ministry in your congregation.
  • Let potential pastors teach and assist you with other pastoral duties.
  • Pray publicly for the advancement of other churches in your community, especially new churches.

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